A New Proactive Approach to Preventing Security Threats and Breaches

Wednesday November 14 10 AM Pacific/ 1 PM Eastern

Despite Next Gen Firewalls, Privileged Access Management and User Behavior Analytics solutions, organizations still struggle with preventing breaches and identifying insider threats. Too many silos of solutions with a slow manual process to tie them together means that real threats get missed and organizations are living with unknown risk. Enterprises need a more preventative approach that automates and responds to threats based on identity, behavior, and risk.
Identity & Access Threat Prevention (IATP) is changing how security teams improve enterprise security in real time. Register now to learn:

  • How to gain holistic visibility across platforms and reduce risk

  • How to automatically respond to threats based on identity, behavior, and risk

  • How to add secure access controls in front of network resource with network-based MFA

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Heather Howland

Vice President, Marketing


Heather Howland is Vice President of Marketing. She has over 20 years of experience marketing enterprise security and infrastructure solutions at both innovative startups and market leading companies.  Prior to Preempt,  Heather was Vice President of Marketing for Lacoon Mobile Security.  She has also held senior marketing roles at  IBM, Check Point, Q1 Labs, and BlackBerry. 


Eran Cohen

VP Product Management


Eran is an active, creative, data driven, strategic analytic VP Product Management leader. He is focused on leading cutting edge products in highly competitive market, and puts a lot of effort into redefining cloud security products, while putting customer first with powerful rich user experience and innovation (UX).