Thursday January 17, 2019 10 AM Pacific/ 1 PM Eastern


Can your PAM solution give you instant insight into all privileged accounts and protect against malicious use of tools like BloodHound or Mimikatz?


Traditional Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions are complicated to deploy and vulnerable to attacks. PAM solutions offer a variety of features that help combat against credential stealing malware, but advanced attacks tools like BloodHound or Mimikatz often fall under the radar. Even to detect credential stealing attacks, organizations need to, at a minimum, have basic access control policies set up correctly. When nearly 40%* of organizations do not actively discover their privileged accounts, how is it even possible to accurately set the appropriate access privileges and policies? Whether an organization has a PAM solution in place or not, there needs to be an easier way to remediate risks in real time without the constant need for administrative response.


Preempt approaches the problem with privileged accounts differently to protect against more advanced threats while easing the administration and management. Register now to learn:

  • How attackers exploit privileged access gaps

  • How to instantly discover and gain insights into privileged accounts so you can baseline risk and apply appropriate policies

  • How to sit back, relax, and watch innovative auto-remediation capabilities mitigate advanced threats

* 2018 ”Privileged Access Management Risk & Compliance” report

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Monnia Deng

Product Strategy


Monnia Deng manages GTM strategy for Preempt Security. She specializes in Identity and Access Management security products but has broad experience with UEBA, Encryption, DLP, CASB, and other security solutions. Prior to Preempt, Monnia helped define product strategy and initiatives for Symantec’s Encryption and Identity portfolios. She has also held strategic roles at Duo Security and MicroStrategy.

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Nir Yosha

Principal Solutions Engineer


Nir Yosha is a Principal Solutions Engineer for Preempt. He's been working in the network security sector for over fifteen years: as a Solution Engineer, a Threat Intelligence Engineer, and a Security Engineer. His primary role is to support the solutions engineering team with building POC processes, enhancing demo use cases, and supporting technical sales cycles of Preempt products.