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Preempt Inspector

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Every day, your employees are using passwords remarkably similar to those in their personal accounts. Attackers know this, and use that as an opportunity to decipher passwords for their other accounts, including those in your business. Preempt Inspector is a powerful application that quickly assesses your organization’s password health, including exposure to high profile security breaches, and provides actionable results to reduce your company’s risk of a credential-based attack. To learn more about Preempt Inspector, download our datasheet

Windows 8 or above. Windows machine with .NET 4.5 Internet Explorer 10 or above
Valid user with Domain Admin privileges, Solid IT administrative knowledge

Access to internet to download the password dictionary

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Detect Weak User Passwords

Run regular reporting to expose who has weak or duplicate passwords that are easily cracked by attackers.


Eliminate Risk

Help ensure your company is risk-free from other company breaches, through contextual intelligence from high profile breaches, combined with weak password dictionaries.


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Run Preempt Inspector as often as you need to identify account vulnerabilities. This app runs on Windows 8 or above, Windows machine with NET 4.5 and Internet Explorer 10 or above.