Attackers are targeting your employee’s credentials.

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Preempt Inspector is a FREE App for Enterprise Health Assessment to Reveal Password Problems, Stealthy Admins, Domain Controller Issues, and More.

Preempt Inspector

Attackers know that credentials are the key into your network. Unfortunately, most networks have unknown weaknesses that make them an easy target. Employees often use weak passwords or reuse passwords that have been compromised in a previous breach. Some users may have stealthy privileges that can inadvertently expose the network, and missing protections on domain controllers can make it easy for intruders to move through your network.

Preempt Inspector is a free, powerful application that automatically finds these problems and more so that you can find any problems before attackers do.

  • Find out if users are using passwords involved in a breach or in password dictionaries.
  • Automatically find “stealthy administrators” who are not part of the official Admins group.
  • Find issues on laptops and domain controllers that make it easy for attackers to spread through the network
  • Get actionable results that reduce your company’s risk of a credential-based attack.
  • Detect Password Problems

    Quickly find weak or duplicate passwords that are easily cracked by attackers. Find devices using cloned local admin passwords.

  • Eliminate Risk

    Make sure breaches at other companies don’t impact your network. Check passwords, privileges, and security settings to uncover hidden risk.

  • Get Started Today

    Run Preempt Inspector as often as you need to identify account vulnerabilities. Download now, and get up and running in minutes.


  • Windows 8 or above. Windows machine with .NET 4.5 Internet Explorer 10 or above
  • Solid IT administrative knowledge
  • Some features require Valid user with Domain Admin privileges and access to internet to download the password dictionary

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