Tuesday, May 14, 2019 10AM PDT/ 1PM EDT

Extend visibility, threat detection, and adaptive enforcement
on-premises and in the cloud


In today’s threat landscape, cyberattacks are more common and sophisticated, and the mobility of end users and the growth of cloud applications has made the traditional perimeter obsolete. Securing identity has become more critical to protect against data breaches — which means that security teams must find new approaches that offer threat-aware conditional access anytime, anywhere.


Preempt has integrated with Okta to help customers optimize their security investments so that they can get unified visibility and adaptive enforcement both on-premises and in the cloud. In this session, we’ll review  best practices for securing access based on context and risk to prevent threats in real-time.


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  • Overcome visibility gaps on-premises and in the cloud
  • Remove barriers to adding MFA to virtually any network asset
  • Use adaptive enforcement to stop threats in real time

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Monnia headshot 2

Monnia Deng

Product Marketing, Preempt


Monnia Deng manages GTM strategy for Preempt Security. She specializes in Identity and Access Management security products but has broad experience with UEBA, Encryption, DLP, CASB, and other security solutions. Prior to Preempt, Monnia helped define product strategy and initiatives for Symantec’s Encryption and Identity portfolios. She has also held strategic roles at Duo Security and MicroStrategy.  

Teju Screenshot 2

Teju Shyamsundar

Product Marketing, Okta


Teju Shyamsundar is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Okta, leading adaptive authentication products. Prior to Okta, she worked at Microsoft and implemented enterprise mobility technologies across a large set of enterprise customers in various industries. Teju now works on driving the value of Okta's adaptive MFA and adaptive SSO capabilities across customers and partners. Teju holds a BS degree in Computer & Information Technology from Purdue University.